Thursday, October 9, 2014

WHS News 10/6/14

Looking Forward

Week of Respect 
On Friday All staff and students are encouraged to wear ORANGE.  Jeans will be allowed as well for the day.  

Next Week is Spirit Week (All staff is encouraged to participate) 
Monday - Pajama Day
Tuesday - Switch It Up Day
Wednesday - Formal Day
Thursday - Color Day (Staff Color is Gray)
Seniors Red, Juniors Black, Sophomores Yellow, Freshmen Green
Friday - Waldwick Gear

Wednesday 10/15 Professional Development/Minimum Day
Schedule will be posted by the end of the week by Dr. Casarico

Friday 10/17
1:45 Senior Class "15" Picture 
2pm Pep Rally
7pm Home Coming Football Game 

Technology Update

On Friday the BluePrint classes will be doing a stress test on the wireless network.  If all goes well the laptops will be available starting next week. 

What we have right now

Cart #1 - 17 machines (Room 417 Cart)
Cart #3 - 16 machines
Cart #4 - 16 machines
Cart #5 - 16 machines
Cart #7 - 18 machines
Cart #8 - 24 machines

As I type this post, there are still four access points not working (310, 311, Gym, Greenberg Center).  The focus is getting all district owned devices up and running on the network.  The next step will be getting those staff members who are interested in getting their personal devices connected.  The third step will be student devices.  

We are planning on purchasing 25 ChromeBooks at the end of the month to pilot how they work and their reliability.  

New Graduation Requirements
NEW Graduation Requirements for the Classes of 2016, 2017 & 2018

In the News 
Unfortunately, another NJ high school has been in the news recently for what seems to be a very disturbing issue related to HIB.  I wanted to share the most recent article with you and remind everyone that we, as educators, have a responsibility to speak up and if you hear about an incident or suspect something is going on, please come forward.  No town or school is ever totally immune from having an incident become the lead story on the news; however, if we are proactive and address issues immediately, we can hopefully avoid this type of situation. Story - Sayreville Football 

Monday, September 29, 2014

WHS Staff News - 9/29/14

Looking Back
Goodell Jean Day - Thank you to everyone that donated on Friday and to those who purchased a T-Shirt.  We collected over $2,000 for the Christopher Goodell Scholarship Fund.  Another great example of how WarriorNation comes together! 

Looking Forward 

Learning and Collaborating Time - Wednesday 10/1 
We will be meeting this week in the little theater at 3:10.  The meeting will be brief, so you will have time on your own.

Safe School Online Training - Deadline to complete all courses is this Friday (10/3)   

AP Teachers - Please start collecting AP registration money from your students.  Ms. Cassidy sent an email out on Friday with details.  Any questions, please see Penny Gastman.   AP Registration Form  

This week we have an away football game on Thursday at 2pm in Glen Rock.  Members of the football team and cheerleaders will have an early release.   Football players will be released at 11:20 am and the cheerleaders at 11:53 am.  

HSPA Testing 10/7 - 10/9 - See email from Penny for more details

Week of Respect:  October 6-10
On Monday 10/6 Creative Interventions will perform for the HS in the Little Theater. 
9am (Period 2) Grades 10 & 12
9:40am (Period 3) Grades 9 & 11 

Spirit Week is coming up during the week of 10/13 (Spirit Days will be announced later this week)
The Fall Pep Rally will be held on Friday, 10/17, starting at 2pm.  We will not be moving to Period 9.  Classes will be called down to the gym during 8th period.  

Professional Development Day - Wednesday 10/15 

Recent Blog Posts 

Monday, September 22, 2014

WHS Staff News 9/22/14

Photo credit
Fall is in the air, which means school is in full swing.  The fall sports teams are off to a great start.  If you have time, consider attending an upcoming game.  The students love seeing their teachers at their games!  Advisors have started meeting with their clubs and planning out events and activities.  If you are not an official advisor and want to get involved, see me and I can try to point you in the right direction.  

I know the beginning of the school year is VERY hectic, but hopefully you have established routines and things are calming down.   In talking with staff members and the supervisors, the early SGO deadline did not help.  It is something we will look at for next year.   

Last week the individual student passes were handed out.  Students should not be leaving your class without their pass.  The blue "room log" sheets will be left in your mailboxes later today which students will also need to sign before leaving the class.  The logs are room specific and help in cases when something happens during a specific period we can determine who was out of the room.   In addition to the students passes, we created special "Pink" passes for Study Hall, Media Center and Academic Support, which will be used for students in those particular classes.  If an administrator or hall duty teacher (really, any teacher) sees a student walking around without a pass, they should be stopped and asked where they are going and whose class they are coming from.  We need to be consistent and the students will follow.  

Lets have a great (Short) week!!  #Ownit

Looking Back
Back to School Night went very well last week.  I received a lot of positive feedback from parents on how great the teacher presentations were and how happy their children are with their teachers.

Looking Forward
Honeywell Test for staff will be on Tuesday, 9/23, @ approximately 7pm.  Please make sure you review your profile prior to the 23.  Letter & Honeywell Directions from Dr. Casarico

All of the required Safe School Online Training's, need to be completed by 10/3/14

Learning and Collaborating Time - Wednesday 9/24 (More info on this to follow)

Expect an Emergency Drill sometime this month. Make sure you have a key for any room you are assigned to and have reviewed lock down & evacuation procedures with all your classes.

No School - Thursday 9/25

Goodell Jean Day - Friday 9/26

Recent Blog Posts 
New Staff @ WHS

PD Resources 
Six ways to Be a Lifelong Learner via Jordan Collier  (@JCollierAR )
Why We Don't Truly Embrace Failure via George Couros ( @gcouros

Friday, September 5, 2014

WHS Staff News 9/5/14

Great start to the school year!  A little hot but hopefully things will cool down next week.  A few items to think about over the weekend. 

Lesson plans:  Plans should be up and posted by 8am on Monday.  Supervisors discussed the new format at your department meeting so please keep that in mind.

SGO - Q & A Session:  On Tuesday during periods 2 and 3 supervisors will be available to answer any question that might still be out there related to the process.   All forms and resources are available on The Source@ WHS.   

Webpages:  Staff webpages should have been updated already but please make sure they are up to date and include - Scoop and Sequence, Syllabus, Contact Info, Extra Help Time/location, Courses, Resources  and marking period 1 topics. 

80/20 Time:  14-15 Professional Growth Time (PGT)  If your interested in taking advantage of the 80/20 time please fill out the PGT form by Thursday, 9/11.  

Grade Level Meetings 
9th Grade Tuesday, 9/9 Period 9
12th Grade Tuesday, 9/9 Period 2
11th Grade Wednesday, 9/10 Period 4
10th Grade Wednesday, 9/10 Period 2

Period Attendance: Starting Monday I will be emailing or speaking with teachers that don't submit their period attendance in Genesis.  Please make sure attendance is taken at the beginning of each period.  

Safe School Online Training: Deadline for completion is 10/3/14 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome Back Info 2014

I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed this summer more than others.  Maybe it was the great weather.  It could be that I took more time away and "Disconnected" from work. Whatever the reason, I had a blast.  I hope all of you had a chance to enjoy it as well and are recharged for the 14-15 school year.  We still have a few days left of summer, but I'm excited about getting back to school in September. 

What will the 2014-2015 school year bring us?  Over the last few years we all have experienced changes in many areas of education:  Testing, Evaluations, SGO's, AchieveNJ, PARCC, Common Core and on and on.  I want our focus at WHS this year to be all about the students.  Let's take a step back and center on them. Mandates are out of our control and it's part of the job.  But each and every one of you can control the environment in your classes, the interactions you have with students, the expectations you set and most importantly, the relationships you build over the 182 days you are with our students.  

Don't let high school SUCK! Make the learning fun, relevant, interesting, meaningful and share with them why.  Make your students love the books you read with them, teach them history in a way that blows their mind.  In the arts, let students dream and imagine where their talents may take them.  Teach science units that will inspire future scientists, engineers or doctors.  Develop math lessons that will create great thinkers and problem solvers.  Show them how far a second or third language can take them in the world we live in now and in the future.   If you do this, the students will come back looking for more and they will have an amazing high school experience.  That's our job!  That is what should be mandated of all of us!  That is how you #OwnIt!

*The inspiration for my comment above "Don't let High School Suck", was inspired by a blog post by Dr. Spike Cook (Elementary Principal, in southern NJ)  and a Ted Talk by Chris Lehman  (Principal of Science Leadership Academy, in Philadelphia PA).   

We have six New Staff members joining us this year @ WHS.  I know they are excited about joining us and I am confident they will be great additions:  

Sean Cosgrove - Social Studies
Kris Ann Minichetti - Math
Erica O'Hara - Science
Christine Osborn - World Languages
Stephanie Scheck - Language Arts

Michael Mayer - Supervisor of Instruction  
Rob Rolling - Supervisor of Instruction (New Role)

Summer Updates:
  • HS Gym Transformation - The gym looks GREAT 
  • Infrastructure Upgrade - As of this post, all cabling and fiber has been run throughout most of the HS.  The project is moving along, and it looks good for completion before September, but no guarantees.   As I know more I will keep everyone updated.   
Below are two links you will need to click on and fill out the information required.  Each form should take you less than two minutes to fill out.  This needs to be done prior to the start of school.
The first link asks for your automobile information and the second link is for your personal information.  Once you fill out the form make sure you hit the submit button.

Important Links/Resources

WHS Faculty Manual - It is also available on Google Drive under the WHS Staff Resources Folder.  (For new staff, I will show/explain the Google Drive Folder when I see you on August 26)

Laptop Cart Sign-out sheet  - This Google form will be used to signup for the laptops throughout the school year. 

Parent/Student Handbook 2014-2015 

Agenda for 9/2 & 9/3

Please have your staff webpages updated by September 4 for the first day of class. 

Genesis Gradebook is open. Class lists are available and assignments can be created.  

Dates to Note
Back to School Night - Wednesday, September 17 
September Learning and Collaborating Time - Wednesday, September 24 

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.  ~Clay P. Bedford

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WHS Summer News (July 2014)

Summer day flying kites 

I hope everyone is enjoying their time away from WHS.  I wanted to share a few things with all of you as July comes to an end.
  • This summer I will be writing a blog series titled, “Before School Starts – To Do List” for students and parents.  The series will have 8 - 10 blog posts associated with it. The first post was published on 7/28.  

Before School Starts TO DO LIST #1 Fall Athletes get your paperwork IN

  • All classrooms at the HS have been cleaned and put back together.  The custodians really did a great job.
  • The technology infrastructure project is moving along at a good pace.  At the HS/MS complex, the MS wiring is almost complete and work on the HS should begin later this week.  
  • The HS Gym renovation is complete.  You can see before and after pictures here:
  • Supply orders, equipment, textbooks, etc. have all been coming in throughout the summer.
  • All of the open teaching positions have been filled.  We will have five new teachers on staff with us in September.
 Summer Reading Suggestions 
5 ways to Provide Parents a Window Into Your Classroom 

Thoughts and prayers for the family of fallen Waldwick Police Officer Chris Goodell.  Thanks to all the staff members that were able to come by WHS for the procession.