Tuesday, October 10, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 10/9/17

Nice way to start the week, focused and engaged in learning.  Thank you to the supervisors for putting together a great day of PD.

Back to School Night is now behind us and last Thursday was a very successful night.  I heard so many compliments about the teacher presentations and a lot of positive comments about the first month of the school.  Great Job!

After School Meetings
In an attempt to clear up any confusion and staff members being asked to attend multiple meetings in a week, both the Middle School and High School will now hold all Department Meetings on Wednesdays moving forward. Faculty meetings (Learning & Collaboration Time) and Special Education Department meetings supersede Wednesday Department Meetings.
Simple version, plan to be here every Wednesday until 4pm. Expanded version, do supervisors plan to meet every available Wednesday - no, but they can if there is a need. It might not be with the entire department (just HS or MS), it might not be until 4pm; however, sharing, collaborating, struggling and learning is what a growth mindset is all about.

My Expectations 
All meetings should be meaningful and have a purpose. I strongly believe this and expect department meetings to be run with this in mind.  We are not looking to waste your time or keep you here until 4pm, just to say we did. I have always tried to respect your time and understand there is never enough time, but this change is all about getting better and improving as educators.

Quick Hits 

On Thursday, October, 12, I will have three educators from William Paterson University shadowing me for the day as part of their Educational Leadership Program.

I have been using Instagram more this year to share information with WHS community. If that's a platform you are comfortable with, consider giving the WHS account a follow.... WaldwickWHS 
(As an FYI, when I post on IG or Ista (Slang words for Instagram) I have it setup to automatically tweet it as well)

I asked all of you at our last staff meeting to stop sending students to the office when their Chromebooks are not charged. The students are still coming up.  If they are having a problem, absolutely send them.  I have reminded them and hopefully you have as well that they need to be prepared for class and having a charged Chromebook is part of being prepared.  


Ownit Award @ WHS - 2017-2018 Recipients 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 9/25

Yes... Google is having issues.  Sorry! The Technology Department is aware of the issue and keeps hearing me complain about it, so they are working on it.  On another technology topic, if you have noticed an issue with Chromebooks connecting or internet speed, we are aware of that too and have purchased more bandwidth to fix that issue.  We are going from 300 to 500 ... whatever that means.  I'm told it will be a big help.  Please be patient. 

Quick Hits 
  • Last reminder to update your Google Doc Webpages 
  • Back-To-School Night is next Thursday, 10/5.  Work on your rooms over the next few days to prepare for Back-To-School Night.  If you have any tech issues, please put them in today and mention that they need to be addressed by BTSN.  
  • I need to know who uses PearDeck because I need to renew the contract. I have: E. O'Hara, R. Rolling, B. Browne, V. Monell, C. Osborn, E. Hummel.  Any one else... I need to know by Thursday morning. 
This Week 
Wednesday 9/27
  • What Made Maddy Run - Optional Book talk 3:05 Media Center Chapters 1 & 2.  If you can't make it and want to comment on the three questions posted please feel free. (Class Code c373fmh) 
Thursday 9/28
  • FREE lunch in the Media Center (11:05 - 11:55) for the Energy Presentation by Dr. Bello sponsored by Zen Living Magazine  
  • Special Services Department Meeting 3:10 in the Media Center
Next week is Week of Respect 10/2 - 10/6
Monday, 10/2 - "Complements Monday" We will asking students, teachers, staff to share  positive messages. 
Wednesday (Day 3), 10/4 - Assembly 1pm (Students will report to their Period 8 class.  Teachers please take attendance and send 10th & 11th grade students to the Little Theater) 
Captains, Student Council Officers and NHS Officers will have a separate assembly at 2:15pm.  Names will be shared on Google Calendar. 
Friday 10/6 - Orange Day/Jean Day (District Wide Event)

Recent Blog 
Back to School Night 2017
UPDATED Graduation Requirements

Monday, September 11, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 9/11/17

That's how to start a school year! I felt the first few days were very smooth with the new schedule and speaking with many of you, you felt the same way.  Student feedback on the schedule has been very positive as well.

This year the Pledge of Allegiance will take place at 8:01 AM and takes 17 seconds during Block 1. 

The staff Ownit Award will be presented today to a staff member that went above and beyond.  You will find out later today WHO! 

At the grade level meetings I shared and showed the students the signed picture and explained what it represents. I asked them to be my eyes and ears around the building and share with me the outstanding things teachers do for them. 

District Policy Acknowledgment was due Friday 9/8. If you did not review and sign-off yet, get it done today.    

One or two days without students to start the year? What do you think? Please give me your feedback so I can pass it along. (1 or 2 Days Form) It's not my call, but will try to speak up for what the majority thinks is best. 

IEP & 504 Plans Review
Please check your email for the Google Form for you to check-off that you have reviewed the IEP's and 504's for your students. 

Guidance News
I added a section on The Answers for Guidance related documents.  One document I wanted to point out is the Teacher Letter of Reference (Teacher Instructions). This Doc provides you everything you need to know related to submitting your letters of reference for students on Naviance.

Important Dates 
Monday 9/11 - Grade Level Meeting (Juniors) 11:35 - 12:00
Tuesday 9/12 - Grade Level Meeting (Sophomores) 11:35 - 12:00 
*Both days students will be released to their Block 4 class

Wednesday 9/13
  • Picture Day (Greenberg Center)
Friday 9/15 
  • Review/Sign-off on all IEP's and 504 Plans (See email for acknowledgement form)
  • SGO DUE DATE - Approval Checklist for School Based Assessments. Baseline and copy of the Baseline Assessment 
Wednesday 9/20
  • Learning and Collaboration Time (We will be meeting)
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WHS Staff News - Welcome Back 2017

What a summer ... 80 days of summer break! It's not over yet, so take advantage of the time left to enjoy your family, relax and start to mentally prepare for a new school year. 

September 6 will be like no other in the history of WHS.  Our new rotating schedule will be in place which I think a lot of you are looking forward to.  Is everything going to be perfect ... No.  It will take a month or two for everyone to get comfortable with the length of instruction time, the rotating schedule and the common lunch, but I have complete confidence in all of you, as educators, that you will adjust and thrive in this learning environment. 

Opening day for staff on Tuesday, September 5, will be a little different this year.  The entire district will get together first thing in the morning in the Middle School Multi-Purpose Room for the Superintendent welcome followed by a WEA meeting.  As a staff, we will get together at 10am in the Media Center.  Here is the complete Agenda for 9/5.  

Over the past ten years as Principal, (Yes ten amazing years!) I have shared a common goal or mindset for each school year.  To me these have been the building blocks or the foundation which we created together here at WHS.  It's part of who we are, what we have learned, what we have tried and even what we have failed at.  It's my hope that these goals have woven together over the years to help all of us become better educators, made a difference in the lives of our students and provide the Waldwick community a school they can be extremely proud of!

The next block of our foundation is ...


I will speak more about this on September 5, but I ask you to think about what this statement means to you, both professionally & personally. 

What to expect for the first day with Students 
We will run a special schedule for Wednesday, 9/6, where all classes will meet.
The rotation will start on Thursday, 9/7, with Day 1. 
The entire school year has been planned out related to the rotation schedule.  Here is the calendar for the 2017-2018 School Year .

Changes you need to know 
  1. Oncourse will no longer be used for lesson plans. (I think you all know that one.)
  2. Oncourse teacher websites will no longer be available as of November 1.  Don't make any updates for September.  To replace the websites, over the summer we created a Google Doc template that will replace your website.  I will talk more about this on 9/5. We believe this will be a very easy transition.   
  3. Learning & Collaboration Time - I plan to use this time more effectively this year with specific learning topics per month.  Expect and prepare to be here until 4pm on these dates. 
New Staff joining us at WHS
Karley Henig - Language Arts (Leave replacement for C. Pastore)
Stephen Palaia - Physical Education (Leave replacement for P. Olivo)
Heather Ruiz - Special Services (Leave replacement for M. Kabobjian AKA M. Hart)
Valentina Esteves - Secretary to the Athletic Supervisor   

Improvements around WHS
  • I think we all know the big project was the turf.  The field turned out great and our student-athletes have been on it since the first week in August. 
  • Three learning rooms (140, 310 & 311) were upgraded with new flexible furniture to enhance the learning environment. 
  • Eleven additional high top tables and fifty-four chairs have been ordered to be placed around the building. 
  • Forty-Five additional chairs for the Cafeteria were ordered to insure everyone will have a place to sit during the common lunch.  
  • The upgrading of drop ceilings and new lighting throughout the hallways continued 
  • The blue awning around the outside of the building was painted.
  • Student parking spots were numbered in the lower parking lot. 
The Answers - Your staff manual for everything you need to know related to WHS.  Here you can find the ... Master Schedule, Duty List, Agenda for 9/5, Schedule for 9/6, Meeting dates, Emergency drills and much more! 

Safe Schools - Reminder the eight courses you need to watch need to be completed by 9/15
Registration of Automobile - Only for new staff or if you have a new car  
Mark your Calendar (Everything is on your Google Calendar)
9/20 Learning and Collaboration Time 
10/5 Back to School Night 

Enjoy the rest of August and I am looking forward to a great year! #OwnitWHS

Monday, May 8, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 5/8/17

The unforgettable Ferris Bueller, said it right ... "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." I feel as though I have missed the last two weeks... and it's only going to get more hectic and busy from now until June. I'm not complaining. What made me bring this up is how great of a staff we have at WHS. I have been so tied up with end of year evaluations, next year's schedule, interviews, testing, etc. and yet, everything keeps running! Instruction continues, the offices are working, supervisors are meeting with teachers and Mr. Clancy is making things happen. I don't want to miss this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all you do. I truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the students of WHS. Together we all make this place special!!

This week being National Teacher Appreciation Week I have a few surprises to say thank you! A teacher's job is not easy but you can make a difference everyday in the lives of our students.   

PARCC Update
The Math portion of PARCC starts on Friday. Each section of the math is 90 minutes. We will be moving to Period 3 each day. Please review the link with all of the details for proctoring and the modified schedule.
WHS PARCC Resources 2017 - Everything You Need to Know

Important Dates
Wednesday 5/10 - We will be meeting in the Media Center for a staff meeting to discuss the "1st Run" of the new schedule, which will take place the week of May 22.

5/26 No School
5/29 No School
6/1 Prom
6/9 Final Exams start - 16-17 Final Exam Schedule 

April Students of the Month

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 4/10/17

Spring Break will be a week for all of us to relax and re-energize as we head down the homestretch.  The building will not be getting a rest.  Over spring break there will be a lot of work done around the building.  There will be no access to the classrooms starting Friday 4/14 through Wednesday 4/19. There will be limited access on Thursday and Friday. What's going on ...

  • We will be completing the hallway project of replacing the drop ceilings and lights. By the end of the break all of the ceilings in the hallways will have been replaced and new lighting installed. We have be working on this project over the last three years.  
  • Work will be going on in the Cafeteria with the addition of another serving area for lunch in preparation for the rotating schedule. 
  • Installation of new of outside doors in the senior wing and senior lounge/Media Center area. 
  • The ceiling in Room 215 will be painted.
  • All the sink faucets (24) in the student bathrooms will be replaced, as well as some pluming work. 
Spirit Rally schedule - Sorry for the confusion on this but we will start calling students down at 2pm on Thursday. 


March Students of the Month

Enjoy your time off ... you deserve it!! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 4/3/17

Reminder we have our PARCC testing meeting tomorrow (4/5) in the Media Center at 3:10. Everyone is expected to be there. Please have your Chromebook with you and expect to be here untill 4pm. 

PARCC Resources - Everything you need to know  This link will be used tomorrow for the meeting. It contains: Student room assignments, proctoring schedule, PARCC links & resources.  Please review before Wednesday's meeting. 

Final Exams

Here is the link for this years Final Exam Schedule 

Next Year's Schedule
A group of teachers and I have meet twice already regarding concerns and questions related to next year's schedule. All concerns are being heard and we will be working together to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are planning to run the four day rotation in May as a trail run using this year's schedule.  We are looking at the week of 5/22. I will provide more information on this after spring break.

Important Dates 
Friday 4/7 - ASVAB Test 9am in the Greenberg Center 
Week of 4/10 - Spirit Week 
Thursday 4/13 - Spirit Rally 
Friday 4/14 - No School 
Spring Break 4/17 - 4/21 

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