Tuesday, January 16, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 1/15/18

Reminder on Attendance and AESOP from Dr. Casarico
Attendance- AESOP  (Posted on The Answers as well) *Updated 

Mid-Year Conferences will begin this week - Schedule 
Teacher part (10 minutes/2 minutes per topic)
Be prepared to talk about …. Unit Plans, New Schedule, Time to Brag, Goals, Changes/Areas to work on in '18.

Professional Day/Minimum Day - Monday, January 22
Day 1 - Minimum Day Schedule
PD Activities for Monday

Scheduling for 18-19
Guidance will be meeting with each grade level next week during the common hour to review course offerings and have students select their electives. The meetings will take place in the Little Theater at 11:30AM.

  • Wednesday 1/24 - Current 9th Grade
  • Thursday 1/25 - Current 10th Grade
  • Friday 1/26 - Current 11th Grade

Your Supervisor should have shared with you their plan/timeline to collect AP/Honors/Survey level recommendations. Please complete them in a timely manner.

Incoming freshmen will again be taking a placement test for honors level classes.
Language Arts - Thursday, February 22 at 3:10 pm (Media Center)
Social Studies - Monday, February 26 at 3:10pm (Media Center)
Science - Wednesday, February 28 at 3:10pm (Media Center)

Important Dates
Tuesday 1/16 - Bergen County Art Teachers PLN - Meeting @ WHS 12 - 2pm in the Media Center
Wednesday 1/17 - Learning and Collaboration Time - We will be meeting for 10 minutes, then teachers should use the time to work on honors recommendations or other tasks.
Thursday 1/18 - Senior Citizens in School - 11 - 2pm

Monday, January 8, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 1/8/18

Well last week was an interesting way to start the new year! I hope everyone is dealing with this COLD weather the best they can. The forecast is looking better for this week. I know parts of the building are colder then others but the heat is on max. All I can say is dress warm and bring layers.  Best I can do. 

Mid-Year Conferences - 1/19 - 1/26

Format for Conferences

"I strongly believe it’s important to give people a chance to TALK, and we need to LISTEN"

With that statement out there, for this year’s Mid-Year conferences, we are going to structure them with the focus on listening (both sides).  The format will be a 20 minute conversation and we are going to stay on task and on time.

Teacher part (10 minutes/2 minutes per topic)
Be prepared to talk about …. Unit Plans, New Schedule, Time to Brag, Goals, Changes/Areas to work on in 18

Admin part (10 minutes)
We will share … What we have seen and what we want to see moving forward
*Any areas of major concern we will reference the Marshall Rubric so there are no surprises in May

Mid-Year Conference Schedule (Department/Teacher/Day)
*If you have a conflict with the date/time I assigned you please let me know.

End of 2nd Marking Period
When finalizing your grades for 2nd marking period, please note I am limiting the use of INC for all grade levels but specifically on seniors. Any INC must be approved by me or Mr. Clancy prior to the end of the marking period. Share this with your students and layout the rest of the marking period so we have no issues at the end of the month.
Two main reason for this, guidance needs to send out mid-year grades for seniors and accountability/responsibility for students.

Semester Courses 
Semester 2, starts on Monday, January 29. Starting planning for 2nd semester courses.  Unit 1 needs to be ready to go before 1/29.  As you wrap up the 1st semester courses, consider collecting feedback on the course and gather student input. 

Important Dates 

January Dates
1/15 - No School MLK
1/17 - Learning & Collaborating Time 
1/22 - Minimum Day / Professional Development 
1/26 - Marking Period 2 Ends 

*1/26 - 1/28 St. Luke's Youth Group Retreat 
FYI - The Saint Luke's Youth group Retreat is scheduled for Friday (1/26), Saturday (1/27) & Sunday (28).  A good amount of our students participate in this event and are not around all weekend. It's the end of the marking period so the timing is not that bad but keep this in mind when assigning end of marking deadlines, long term assignments or homework that weekend. 

Tweets/Blog Posts

December Students of the Month

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 12/11/17

Over the weekend I read an interesting blog post called .... Does your school have an "Avoid at All Cost" List?  The post talks in general terms about all the new initiatives/ideas that get thrown at teachers (mostly by administrators or the NJDOE) and how the important things sometimes get lost. 

I would love to make a clear list of our four or five non-negotiables @ WHS, that we as a school community all focus on and decisions are made with those non-negotiables in mind.  In September I talked about making your job more manageable and eliminating distractions. I think this is in line with that thinking. I will be giving this more thought and figuring out the best way to create this list with your help, but I hope you take some time to read the post and think about your non-negotiables, specific to your department as well as your teaching.
Spirit Week - 12/18 - 12/22
Let's have some fun next week and take the staff spirit to another level! 
  • Monday: Pajama Day (Find those Pajama pants, grab that robe) 
  • Tuesday: Squad Day (We all have a hoodie ... Lets all go with the hoodie and jeans look)
  • Wednesday: Jersey Day - If you need a jersey ask. 
  • Thursday: Ugly Sweater Day 
  • Friday: I say we go with a Warrior Day for Staff. Wear WHS Gear,  Navy Blue, Carolina Blue, White. 
What Made Maddy Run (2 Things)
#1 - If you are done with the book and don't want to keep it please return the book to my office
#2 - Save the Date - January 29, 2018 - Meet the Author, Kate Fagan at Ramsey HS

The Ramsey School District has extended an invitation to the Waldwick community to be part of their One Book - One Community Discussion, when they host author Kate Fagan in January. Once we get back in January, I will be posting for the parents and encouraging them all to read the book and attend this event. I hope some of our staff will be able to make it. I'm sure a handful of our students will want to attend.

Important Dates:
Winter Concert - Wednesday 12/13 at 7pm.  Good Luck Mrs. Montella & Mrs. Serwin
Faculty Dessert Wars - Monday 12/18 at 3:10 pm.  Thanks Mr. Opderbeck for putting this togther!

**FYI - The next BOE meeting is the day we get back from break, January 2. If you need anything approved get it in my this Friday.

Monday, December 4, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 12/4/17

Alumni Day @ WHS 
You might have seen a tweet/email last week about Alumni Day @ WHS on Friday, 12/22.  Peggy Larson and I have been brainstorming on this idea for the last two months.  Thanks Mrs. Larson for the great idea!!! The goal for the day is to have recent graduates share their experiences and insight with our current seniors. Right now we have a great response.  We will finalize the schedule next week and share with everyone. 

PSAT Scores
PSAT scores will be released to students on 12/11. We will have access to scores as of Monday 12/4. 10th and 11th grade Language Arts and Math teachers, please modify your plans to provide time during the week of 12/11 to review with students.

National Honor Society toy drive ends on Friday, December 11.  Consider donating a toy.

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday 12/5 - 9th, 10th & 11th Grade Class Meeting at 11:35 in the Gym
Wednesday 12/6 - Learning and Collaboration Time (WE WILL MEET in the Media Center)
Thursday 12/7 - Media Center CLOSED for students. 11- 3pm County Math round table meeting. 
Friday 12/8 - Media Center Closed (Language Arts PD Day)
Wednesday 12/13 - Winter Concert 7pm
Monday 12/18 - Faculty Dessert War (See Mr. Opderbeck for more details)
Friday 12/22 - Minimum Day, Spirit Rally, Alumni Day, Staff Holiday Luncheon

Good Read 
The disconnect between what colleges say and what students hear

Resources Related to Vaping
VAPING: What Parents (Educators) Need to Know
E-Cigarettes and Teens

Monday, November 20, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 11/20/17

Today the first issue of the The Echo was released. Special thank you to Mrs. Larson and her students for all their hard work. 

October Students of the Month 

Soft freeze on the budget 
If you have not already heard, all PO's are on hold and need a justification written up to even be considered.  Understand that even if you were counting on something later in the year that you always did with a PO, it probably will not happen this year.  

This week
Monday 11/20 - Hypnotist Show sponsored by the Student Council (If you want a good laugh stop by tonight at 7pm in the Little Th)
Tuesday 11/21 - STRIDES Cafe 
Wednesday 11/22 - Club Pictures (Cafeteria) See your Google Calendar for the schedule 

Minimum Day Schedule for Wednesday (Day 3) 

Reminder - Homework Free Break - This is not only for students.  Teachers use the next three days to get any grading, paperwork done before Wednesday at 1 pm.  Use your time in school and take the four day weekend for yourself and your family. 

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your break!!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 11/6

We will never know if we hit the 325 mark for positive calls/emails for the week; however, I heard from many of you that the experience is as rewarding for the parent receiving the positive message as it is for the teacher making the call/email. I know the calls I made put a smile on my face when I heard the reaction of the parent on the phone. For those of you that took the time, I thank you.  If you didn't get to it last week, it's never too late.

Good Read (Take 5 minutes, it will be well worth it for our students)
Making School a Safe Place for LGBTQ Students via Jennifer Gonzalez  

Shout-Out to Mr. Freeman and the Student Council for organizing a Veterans Day "Thank You Card" event.  During lunch this week students and staff will have the opportunity to fill out a thank you card which will be sent to a veteran. This event is in conjunction with the Staff Sergeant Joseph D'Augustine Memorial Fund

Minimum Day - Tuesday 11/7 (Bell Schedule)

Reminder - No Homework Break 11/8 - 11/12 
My post on No Homework Breaks 

New Posts/Tweets 
700 Group - Class of 2018
WEF Fundraiser - Harlem Wizards vs. Foundation Warriors
Warrior Gear Sale 

Ownit Award @ WHS
#9 Congratulations to Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Doctor 

Have a great four day weekend!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

WHS Staff News - Week of 10/30

Thanks Mr. Opderbeck for sharing a great pic! 
Where did the 1st marking period go? I feel like I say that a lot about time flying, so I promise no more! I am excited for what we have accomplished over the first two months of school and proud of how we have handled the new schedule. Lets keep it up!

This week I am asking everyone to make five positive calls/emails home. These calls/emails really make a difference for our students and their parents/guardians, but also can be very rewarding to you as well. With 65 of us making five calls/emails, that's 325 positive messages getting out into the community.  That would be pretty impressive! 

No Homework Weekend - Thursday 11/9 - Sunday 11/12 no homework is to be assigned over the break.   

This Wednesday, November 1, is our 8th Grade Open House. 

Important Dates 
11/1 Learning & Collaboration Time - Use the time for Unit Plans and Positive calls/emails
11/2 Senior Class "18" Picture (10:50 on the field)
11/7 Minimum Day  Day 2 (Bell Schedule)
11/8 Marking Period 1 ends 
11/9 & 11/10 No School NJEA Convention 


Grad Ball Moe's Fundraiser - Moe's at School