Tuesday, May 29, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 5/28/18

The end of the year is just about to hit us.

A few items ... 

As a staff we need to finish strong! We all need to stay focused and be the best educators we can be. This time of year we are all tired and looking forward to June 22, but there is still work to be done in the learning rooms. It all starts with great lessons that keep students engaged. Be creative, innovative, try something new, give points towards the final exam (Thanks Sara for the idea) and most importantly, make the lessons engaging. 

Fourteen more days to the first exam. Please don't spend the last few weeks reviewing.  

One other item for all of us to focus on is that our students need to be where they belong! Please don't allow students to:

  • Walk around the building for no reason
  • Hangout in the halls/tables without a specific task/assignment (You need to monitor) 
  • Don't keep students with YOU without notifying the teacher that is responsible for the student 
  • I will be sure to be more present in the halls and will make it a point to stop in rooms during the next few weeks. The students need to know, there is still learning to be done. 
Recovery Days (R) have been scheduled based on the days we missed for snow. 
June 13 - Day 2 
June 14 - Day 3
*All three will be no lab days

Final Exam Schedule (Exams start Friday, 6/15)

Special Schedule for Friday, 6/15 

Period 1 --- > 8:00 - 8:47 (47 minutes)
Period 2 ---> 8:50 - 9:37 (47 minutes)
Period 3 ---> 9:40 - 10:27 (47 minutes)
Period 4 ---> 10:30 - 11:17 (47 minutes)
Common Lunch ---> 11:20 - 12:10 
Period 5 Final Exam ---> 12:15 - 2:15 


Ms. Angelli has put together two documents to help with the SGO Process for the 18-19 SY. 
SGO High School Timeline 2018-2019
SGO FAQ 2018-2019  
The due date is June 12 and all content areas should submit to Ms. Angelli.

Important Dates
Thursday, 5/31:  Prom
Wednesday, 6/6:  Final staff meeting (We will be meeting until 4pm)
Wednesday, 6/13:  Locker Clean Out 7:45 - 8am and during Common Lunch 
Wednesday, 6/13:  AP Meeting for 18-19 SY 3pm Little Theater
Thursday, 6/14:  Senior Collection of Chromebooks
Friday, 6/15:  Staff webpages updated with 18-19 SY Supply List 
Monday, 6/18:  Senior BBQ (All staff is invited to stop by the pool)

Monday, March 26, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 3/26

Student Voice in Action... On Saturday a group of WHS students headed down to Washington, DC to be part of the March for Our Lives event.  So proud of these special young adults that help bring change to our country! 
Big thank you to Mrs. Orlak for putting this together with the help of Mrs. Dojer, Ms. Hummel and Ms. Beck! 

Last week of March! 
The end-of-year process hit me in the face on Friday because it is coming very quickly.  I started working on the schedule for the end-of-year conferences and everything that needs to get done.

Non-Tenured Teachers - Due Monday, 4/2
Tenured Teachers - Due Friday, 4/27 

End-of-Year Conference Schedule (Tentative)
*The sheet has two tabs, one for non-tenured and one for tenured. Please review and if you are aware of a conflict please let me know.  

PD Hours/PDP Plan 17-18 SY
Start to input your PD hours and update your 17-18 PDP plan on Genesis.

PDP Plan for 18-19 SY
I will be getting you more information on this, but we will be doing this a little differently from past years. 


Infrastructure Test on Wednesday, 3/28, at 9am. All Period 2 teachers are involved.
Email from Penny with all of the details

PARCC Testing Meeting 
Wednesday, April 11 
3:05 - 4pm
*Everyone needs to be at this meeting

PARCC Testing Schedule
ELA - 4/25, 4/26, 4/27 
Math - 5/2, 5/3, 5/4

Here is the preliminary schedule.  More details will be shared in the next week or two. 

AP Reviews during PARCC Testing
AP Teachers - Please see link and work together to share the time. Please note that two days have been set aside for seniors only AP courses.  

Intersting Video
How busy hands can alter our brian chemistry 

The episode was all about the brain and this segment discussed the importance of being hands on and how it affects our brain chemistry in a positive, healthy way. In this modern world of technology, it is often best to step back and use our hands again. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 3/12/18

Need help with the Musical ... New Show days/times
Friday, March 16, at 7pm
Saturday, March 17, at 2pm
Saturday, March 17, at 7pm
*Updated Ticket Taker List  (Need help)

A brief staff meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 13, in the Little Theater. We will be done by 3:25pm

Thursday, March 15, PD Day/Minimum Day (EdCamp) We will follow a special schedule with no lunch.

Period 1 (33)
8:05 - 8:38
Period 2 (32)
8:41 - 9:13
Period 3 (32)
9:16 - 9:48
Period 4 (32)
9:51 - 10:23
Period 5  (30)
10:26 - 10:56
Period 6 (30)
10:59 - 11:29
Period 7 (30)
11:32 - 12:02
Period 8 (31)
12:05 - 12:36

Heroes and Cool Kids
Because of the snow last week, the Heroes and Cool Kids training was canceled. It has been rescheduled for Monday, March 12, at 8am in the WHS Cafeteria.
*As a side note, this year with the new schedule we were able to schedule the Heroes and Cool Kids Elementary visits during the common lunch to avoid students missing class time.  Shout out to Ms. Hused for all she does with her groups!!!

PARCC Infrastructure Test will be on March 28 at 9am.  More details to follow; however, we will need everyone to take part. The test should only take 10-15 minutes. 


Monday, March 5, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 3/5/18

Please take a moment and nominate one of your deserving colleagues.
2018 Bergen County Teacher/Educational Services Professional Recognition Program

Edcamp Waldwick - March 15
The 2018 Edcamp is quickly approaching (3/15/18) and we need instructors and courses. If you interested in sharing/presenting, please add your name and course to the sheet 

Safety Task Force 
Thank you to the 17 staff members who expressed an interest to take part in the Safety Task Force.  I have asked David Ling and Sarah Dojer to be C0-Chairs. We met last week and picked six staff members to be part of this task force. We felt a smaller group would be more productive. 

Drama Production
WHS Drama Club is proud to present, 9 to 5:  The Musical
Dates: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 3/8, 9 & 10  (All shows start at 7pm)

**I need a favor

Chaperones Still Needed. Looking for help Friday night.
Ticket Taker List (Please sign up to Chaperone one of the three shows)

Upcoming Events 
Tuesday 3/6 - Student Council, Leadership Trip 
Wednesday 3/7 - Learning and Collaboration Time 
Thursday 3/8 - Language Arts Department PD (Gravity Goldberg) *Media Center will be closed

Blog/Twitter Posts 
WMS Presents - A Parent Program "If I could have a do over"
Heroin and Opiate Abuse - A Program for Parents

Monday, February 26, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 2/26/18

Update from last week's staff meeting:

Great response for the Safety Committee. We should have this committee up and running by next week. Thank you to everyone that expressed an interest. 

Remind - There are 70 staff members that already joined. My records have 11 staff members missing. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so today.  I want to send a test message out later this week.

Girls Basketball 
Best of luck to the girls basketball team as they play tonight on the road in the first round of the State Playoffs against Cedar Grove HS at 7pm.  Good Luck!!!

Drama Production
WHS Drama Club is proud to present, 9 to 5:  The Musical
Dates: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 3/8, 9 & 10  (All shows start at 7pm)

Chaperones Needed
Ticket Taker List (Please sign up to Chaperone one of the three shows)

Upcoming Events 
Monday, 2/26
Student Voice Meeting (11:25 Little Th)
ScIP Team Meeting 3pm

Wednesday, 2/28
Heroes and Cool Kids visit Traphagen

Thursday, 3/1

Heroes and Cool Kids visit Crescent
Student Council Dodgeball Tournament

Friday, 3/2

Seniors in School (10:30 - 12:30)
10am - Grade 9 Assembly - Narcotic Task Force Presentation

Recent Blog/Twitter Posts
We Got Matthew ... We Got Matthew - I am Sports Award
Heart Screening at WHS - Class of 2021

Monday, February 12, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 2/12/18

In nine school days it will be March 1. Amazing! I hope everyone gets to enjoy their time off later this week and into next. The break is well deserved. 

For the ninth consecutive year our 9th grade students will be offered the chance to have a free heart screening provided by the Sean Fisher Memorial Foundation. The dates for this year's screening were confirmed on Friday and will take place on April 9 and 10. More details to follow. 

This tweet hit home with me and the connection to what #OwnitWHS is all about. Keep pushing your students to be "uncomfortable" and take them out of their comfort zone when it comes to their learning.  
Important Dates 
Tuesday 2/13 - STRIDES Cafe (Pre-Orders Only)
Wednesday 2/14 - Heroes and Cool Kids Field Trip (Training Session) 
Friday 2/16 - Tuesday 2/20 - Winter Break / No Homework Break 

*Special Event
Thursday 2/15 during Common Lunch - Wellness Speaker on Nutrition/FREE Lunch for all Staff.  
(I am waiting on final confirmation) 

Good Read
Three Key Questions on Measuring Learning

Tweets/Blog Posts 

WHS January Students of the Month  

Monday, January 29, 2018

WHS Staff News - Week of 1/29/18

Three Mid-Years to go! I have to be honest, mid-year conferences take a lot of time, but I had some great conversations and heard about so many fantastic things going on in the learning rooms.  It was great to see the majority of teachers took time to self-reflect and were prepared to share their thoughts on:  Unit Plans, New Schedule, Time to Brag and any changes for the rest of the year.  Here are some key comments that stuck out to me that I will be reflecting on with the Admin team. 

Unit Plans 

Adjustment, struggled, rough start, work in progress (I truly appreciated the honest answers I heard)
Increased communication within the department
Plans are a working document
Resources for the future
I get it! I understand why and the benefits
Pre-Planning, leads to GREAT plans
More time to be creative as a teacher 
No one wants snow days or delayed openings when their classes meet. Messes up pacing and planning (Heard this multiple times). lol 


Love it! (Heard this statement more than anything)
More time for projects and deeper learning
Time to plan
Heavy days/light days
Kids have adjusted well
At times, still figuring out what day it is 
Lab Week / No Lab Week


Positive communication with parents
Embracing Reading and Writing Workshop  
Collaboration with other educators (round tables)
Strong relationships with students 
Alumni Day 
A lot of teachers reading books for professional growth 
Fitness activities
Best year ever - organized and in a good mindset  

Important Dates 
Monday 1/29 - What Made Maddy Run - Meet the Author @ Ramsey High School
Wednesday 1/31 - Students from Thurston, England visit WHS 

Good Read (or listen)
10 Steps to Slowing Down the Gossip Train via Jimmy Casas